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We're getting it done though

August 4, 2019


The conference is a build up for the performing arts festival that we want to organize in 2020. It’s very important that we use the conference as an opportunity to build up membership for the AWF MKE organization and unmatched support for our entrepreneurial partners.


This means the conference has to be one of the most high excitement events ever; including performances, vending opportunities, awesome decor, great customer service, great parking, security, and a highly energetic and loving moment in time.


This event has to do two things. One of those things is; it has to make the attendee feel inspired and addicted, but it also has to make a major statement and a realistic statement about what we as a organization are set out to do for the residents of Milwaukee and even more so for residents of usually ignore communities.

To prepare for the conference, we’re doing quite a few things.  We have been in meetings after meetings, conversing with people who are over certain committees with AWF MKE, stressing the urgency of clearly communicating the mission, of visibly showing unity and of implementing as much of our community strategies as possible. 

We’ve finalized four open mic poetry events for teens; at four different locations with Milwaukee public libraries. 

We’ve clearly identified how we can chart and track the progress of Milwaukee musicians.

We’ve created a formula for identifying thousands of youth who want to do dance, theater, & film. For this, we’re only missing instructors, and mentors however, we have a way to bring the youth into creative spaces and after we get through a few more agenda items, we’ll implement these areas as well.

We’ve identified, how we can engage black businesses or at least start beautiful relationships with black businesses that will one day turn into beautiful relationships between customers and black businesses.

We’ve created processes online for parents and teens to sign up for the teen poetry service & a process for musicians to sign up for the music chart. 

We’ve released applications and information for potential sponsors and vendors of the event. 

We’ve created a process online for residents who want to become contributing members. 

And we are working diligently every day starting conversations with 150 people a day; relationships that can go anywhere. 


There’s so much to do, along with the services we’ve just wrote about, we still need a reading club that provides resources to authors. 

We need all this, a way to communicate these things at the event and we still have to actually organize the event. It’s a lot to create processes for and to execute an event of this quality.

We’re getting it done though.

Everyone can take a look at the website and see information about the teen poetry program, the music chart and sign up for membership. There’s forms online to sign up for any of these and detailed info is sent immediately via email. The site has our events, Clap for a poet, and the AWF MKE conference.


In addition to every 3rd Tuesday’s poetry night, We’ve also launched a Clap for a Poet Open Mic on every 1st Saturday beginning in September.

Any questions anyone may have. They can chat with us on our website, or via email at

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