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August 25, 2019



I’m focused on consensus driven work. I plan to demonstrate this through implementing a voting process.

For starters, As CEO & PRESIDENT, I am going to appoint 5 Vice Presidents, including an executive vice and a senior Vice. This gets interesting and I’ll tell you how in a second.

My executive team/corporate officers include those Vice Presidents and an chief executive assistant. These will make up half the board.

We each will facilitate meetings for more than one committee and department, until directors can be appointed by the board, but first there must be more members on the board.

We will allow committee members to nominate and vote in 6- 8 more seats on the board.

The board will appoint directors to serve those committees, and now here’s the big vote.

Once this is structured, I will not continue as president, and I will nominate 3 to 4 persons to be president but there will be a campaign launched during which;  the organization’s members get to vote on their president!!! How bout that? 


- Atone Bishop


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