A Stream Come True

Updated: Apr 24

These last two weeks Courtier House’s CEO, Xzavier Antonio has been having a great time speaking with amazing professionals, live on Facebook.

He met with his Jeffrey McAlister, Professional stylist and CEO of

Fashion Sense, and then Johnathan Thompson, Publisher, Model Scout and CEO of Evon Tv and Evon Magazine.

XA’s meeting with Jeff focused on giving advice to aspiring models and fashion Professionals, while also letting the community know about the services they can trust from Fashion Sense.

Xa’s meeting with John explored how Important social media, and producing quality content has been to their journey as entrepreneurs. One interesting point was that social media is a great way to document your journey and build great relationships.


Debriefing with CEO Xzavier;

“I’m just glad because these conversations and the ability to stream on facebook have been great ways to give examples of “networking“ partnering, & unity“ — it’s important to put “growth“ and “unity” on display to provide positive reinforcements for those viewers who haven’t had great examples of business leadership and community leadership.

Secondly, while I’m working with media personalities and brilliant entrepreneurs to format live stream shows; these conversations have been giving us the opportunities we need to learn and figure out how to use media tools more effectively.

Thirdly, these two gentlemen, myself and many other‘s who are diving deeper into media are, as a result, connecting with more people than we may have imagined; and from this we are discovering the possibility of impacting our community, and our families in new ways. Light bulbs are popping on like never before, things are new again and therefore that creates new excitement where our drives and excitement may have started to dim. Lastly, I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me by John and Jeff. Thank you.

Video Links.

Jeffrey McAlister

Johnathan Thompson Rogers


Milwaukee Wisconsin

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