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January 10, 2020

Don’t wait to receive opportunities from people when you have what you need to give those same opportunities to somebody else

Don’t have enough facts?, yes wait
But if you have the facts what are you waiting for? Win!!!

Otherwise that’s too much like a long wait for cold...

This would have been crazy to try and do four years ago, and believe me, because I tried. Events are how I got started but there was a bigger purpose. My purpose was to ignite a festival that was an opportunity  for black Milwaukee to celebrate the intellectual achieve...

The Dept of Bettering Black Business is focused on fostering empowering relationships between the black business community and the under-resourced communities. Helping to create economic growth of each business and the community, together.

Follow this page on Facebook a...

The AWF Performing Arts Festival is being organized to ignite hope and inspiration while celebrating the roots and intellectual achievements of African descendants.

A Way Forward Mke wants to give more than we ask for. Admission will be free and we will do the work in t...

Imagine poetry, dance, music, art, film, and theater being important in every neighborhood. Youth and adults all being a part of an arts community, no matter which neighborhood you lived in. That’s AWF MKE's hope; to increase creative expression in Milwaukee Neighborho...

The Dept of Community Messaging focus is on addressing community issues through media and public personalities. This is achieved through creating and partnering with media platforms, media personalities, community organizers and professionals. Together, we are deliveri...

district by district, ward by ward, block by block and neighbor by neighbor.

Milwaukee is filled with organizations and groups working on a range of issues. Our part is organizing communities district by district, ward by ward, and block by block. There are many communi...

We're starting casting calls soon and this is where you can start the next level of your experience

 A Way Forward Milwaukee is providing the #1 local platforms for Performing Artists.

Introducing two opportunities to R&B singers. First, The Milwaukee Music Chart and Secondly a paid opportunity; performing at the Milwaukee Conference.

The Conference is expe...

The idea is to increase creative expression in Milwaukee neighborhoods while also increasing community support

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January 10, 2020

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