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Fashion in Milwaukee 

a Marketing Milwaukee initiative to increase awareness around the globe for Milwaukee’s Fashion professionals


About Marketing Milwaukee

A group focused on Marketing Milwaukee's professionals locally and nationally. Together, FashionSense, Kimistry by Kimberly, Visual Artist/Brand Ambassador; Emerald Monet, Gabriel Marketing, Raw Radio & Courtier House form the Marketing Milwaukee Partnership. Creating a business community & customer base for potential business clients

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Designers | Stylists | Boutiques | Accessories & Beauty Professionals

We want to excite our base of 4,000 supporters and our 20,000 followers about Milwaukee’s Fashion Professionals & to identify a larger and real base of customers nationally.

Le's Get Organized!!!


There’s an opportunity here for the Marketing MILWAUKEE Partnership to do something major with fashion clients in this City and clients are paying models & brand ambassadors.

Our brand ambassadors will be representing designer’s, stylist’s, & beauty professional’s brands on the black carpet” at the Milwaukee Conference,  being photographed, video recorded and interviewed.

Models/ Brand Ambassadors will be paid about $25 - $35 from each brand they’re representing on these nights which can equal $125 - $175 a night.

Please submit your info as soon as possible so that our clients can start seeing their options.

Submit contact information, a promotions resume detailing experience and both a head shot and full body shot. Interested persons will be informed of casting calls and/or if we have more inquiries, we would communicate so via email.

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Head Shot
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After you have submitted, you will be directed to the Courtier House, website to create A Brand Ambassador log in

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